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Maker Faire – San Mateo, CA

This past weekend we headed down to San Mateo to attend our first Maker Faire. This event was started about six years ago by Make Magazine and has grown into several annual events all over the U.S. This celebration of … Continue reading

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At the Very Large Array

On our way to Albuquerque Kate noticed that our route would take us an hour away from the NRAO VLA. This is the radio telescope made famous in the movie Contact. It was early in the day so we decided to make … Continue reading

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Roswell, New Mexico

The same thing I said about Wall Drug in South Dakota applies to Roswell, NM, you’d have to be a total curmudgeon not to stop and take a look. Its been the epicenter of UFO hysteria since 1947. When we … Continue reading

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Hi Google!

I was super excited to see a Google Street View camera on the highway. We dropped a pin on our location in Google maps so we can check back later to see if our RV is in the shot.

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T-shirt time

I ordered a t-shirt from Cafe Press with the NYCtoUSA logo I designed. I think it looks pretty good. I plan to order another one with a few minor adjustments so we can be a super-dorky matching couple on the … Continue reading

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Un-wired nerds?

We’re both in the tech field and a great deal of our time is spent online or supported by online services. Heading out onto our nations roadways and parks means sporadic access to our beloved Internet. How will we deal … Continue reading

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