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Idaho Travels & Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument

We’ve wandered into Idaho as we make our way west. We did visit this state last year, but in a different part. This time around we have a lot more viewing opportunities of the Snake River. If I was going … Continue reading

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Crazy Weather in Moab

The weather has been nuts in Moab. We’ve had pouring rain and then a freak hail storm that was a sheet of ice coming down on us. We’ve extended our stay in Moab in hopes that the red rock will … Continue reading

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Canyonlands National Park

I’m just about to call uncle on all these beautiful landscapes we’ve seen in Colorado and Utah. I can’t take it in fast enough, there’s so much to see and it’s all so amazing. We’ve already extended our stay in … Continue reading

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Colorado National Monument

We’re on a roll now! Yesterday we visited another amazing National Monument. This one is located in the western part of Colorado, near the town of Grand Junction. It has a simple, straightforward name: Colorado National Monument. We spent the … Continue reading

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Rocky Mountain National Park

After visiting Boulder, CO and a great visit with some friends in Longmont, CO, we pressed on to Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. The town of Estes Park is an adorable town and very tourist friendly with lots of … Continue reading

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Back off!

This bull elk told me what’s what as far as anyone coming near his herd of ladies. However, they happened to be passing right through the RV park and were just feet away from our coach. He hollered at me … Continue reading

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Scotts Bluff National Monument

Finally! A National Monument we can check off our list this year. We haven’t been to any yet in 2012 and I was giddy traveling to Scotts Bluff National Monument today in western Nebraska. I have to admit, I knew … Continue reading

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Carhenge … like Stonehenge, but with cars.

Outside of the small western Nebraska town of Alliance there is a monumental structure made up of 38 American cars replicating England’s Stonehenge. After visiting Cadillac Ranch earlier this year in Texas, we decided we had to see this car … Continue reading

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