Goodbye Molly

Two and a half years ago Kate and I sat in the cockpit chairs of Molly, our then brand new Itasca Reyo, and hit the road starting the greatest adventure we’d undertaken. Molly took us twenty three thousand miles along interstate highways, city streets and unmarked country roads, fulfilling our dream to see and experience America in an intimate, unhurried way. Molly very quickly showed us that home is where you make it and surprised us both in her capacity to shelter, comfort and inspire us. When we found ourselves seeing a dead-end sign not as an impediment to our journey but as an opportunity to see places that normally go unseen, it was Molly that encouraged us to explore.

We’ve once again settled into a stationary home and so Molly has been passed on to another family to take on roaming adventures. We will miss her but will never lose the wanderlust she sparked in us. Thanks for an amazing trip Molly.


Jackson Hole, WY

Jackson Hole, WY


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  1. Hey guys, great to hear you are creating your path based on your dreams and desires. So great to hear. Thank you both, and Molly, for getting me excited about an RV adventure. It was sparked there when we met in person and you let us climb inside Molly. She sparked a dream that is growing and I am so thankful.

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