Portland Life

We apologize to anyone who might be wondering if we are still alive out here in America. We hit Portland six weeks ago and then… radio silence. I can report we are doing well and all settled in our new home. Time has flown by as we unpacked, bought a few necessities and looked for work. I’ve joined a great company and Finn is still on the hunt.

Portland continues to charm us. It’s full of passion for craftsmanship, cuisine and curious culture. We’ve had one out-of-town friend already pass through on business and we really hope more arrive in 2013. We miss our friends and family and it is probably the only downside to what has become the most epic adventure of our lives.

Above is our new ’hood — the Willamette Riverfront.

I’m not sure what this monkey dance was all about, but it was entertaining.
This year marks the 58th year for the Christmas Ship Parade on the Columbia and Willamette Rivers. We live right by the marina and each night we see the festive boats sailing away for the holiday parade. We’re looking forward to our first Portland Christmas and everything ahead in 2013.

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