Daycation at the Oregon Coast

Yesterday we jumped in the car and headed west. We’d been every other direction away from Portland but hadn’t yet gone west to see the ocean. We planned on fixing that and made our way to Seaside, Oregon.

Seaside is a charming beach town and we imagine the place must be jumping in the summertime. Even in December, the stores and resturants were all open and we visited the candy and shell shops you’d find in a destination like this. We had lunch at a seafood restaurant called “Finn’s Fish House” — the name was the draw but the food was great. Later we made our way south to Cannon Beach where we found Haystack Rock.

The giant rock formations were beautiful and striking. I envied the locals living in bungalows nestled in the hillside and overlooking the beach. It must be an amazing sunset.

The monolithic Haystack Rock is accessible from the beach at low tide and I made my way towards it before being driven inland by oncoming waves.

Now that we know some options, we are looking forward to the spring and summer. We saw many RV campgrounds by the beaches and think we could easily travel the coast next year visiting all the towns like Seaside along the way.

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