Newsflash: We now live in Portland!

This year we traveled for four months and then we found Portland — a place we liked right away and want to settle into and make our new home.

When we left San Francisco at the end of June we put our stuff in storage. Our little 8′ x 10′ storage space is what we called our “apartment in a box” — combined with all the stuff we have with us in the RV, we have everything we need to instantly create a home. Yesterday we rented a Uhaul truck, emptied the storage space and brought our stuff to our new town.

Our "apartment in a box" -- everything you need to make an instant home

We got our stuff moved up to Portland in just two days. It has been exhausting to load the truck with everything, drive 12 hours over two days then unload the truck into the building, up an elevator and down a hall. We were thankful that two new neighbors in our building volunteered to help for awhile with our move in. We’re getting a good feeling about Portland!

Over the past two days we spent any free moments trying to get more news about New York/ Jersey and our friends dealing with the havoc and destruction caused by hurricane Sandy. Like we said on Facebook, we were heartbroken to see the images as they hit the news and learn about the extent of the damage. We know from experience that the northeast is resilient and will bounce back but it’s so hard to see the devastation.

Kate (me) driving our stuff from San Francisco to Portland

Now that we finally have everything in the apartment, I’m probably most looking forward to being reunited with our bed and lots of clothes I haven’t seen in a while. I’m also looking forward to the bathtub and washer/dryer in our new apartment — two luxuries for us after months in an RV.

Our next step will be looking for work in Portland and hopefully, if things work out and we like the town, we’ll be living here a while. In the spring we plan to go on short trips and explore more of Oregon and Washington. What we’ve seen so far is wonderful. Now, if I can even move a muscle, it’s time to unpack!

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2 Responses to Newsflash: We now live in Portland!

  1. Fantastic! That’s great news!

    I was planning to visit Portland on my next winter roadtrip, and it looks like you’ll be there. So maybe we can visit again come February or so. 🙂

  2. Miranda says:

    Glad to see you’re getting settled again. I’ll have to put you in touch with my friends out there.

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