Talking with Other Travelers About Traveling

Our first expedition into Washington was a beeline straight up to Seattle from Portland. We went there to meet a couple, know online as “Married with Luggage“, who have been traveling the world for the past two years. We’d never met, but I’ve been following their travels online and they put out an open invitation to their we’re-back-in-the-U.S.-gathering. We headed to Seattle and attended the party and then got the opportunity to hang-out some more with Betsy and Warren the next morning.

They’re a great couple who are transforming their personal experiences into tools and books for others to figure out their own dream and take action to make it a reality. They were curious about our transformation from typical NYC-DINKs (that’s my self-classification, “duel-income-no-kids”) to RV-driving nomads. Talking with them about the RV and how we travel made us realize how far we’ve come and how much we’ve learned. We don’t spend much time reflecting yet (I can do it when I finally get the chance to make one helluva road trip scrapbook), but when we think about how much we’ve seen and learned it’s a great feeling of accomplishment.

When we started traveling my goal was to really know the USA. Before leaving New York I hadn’t seen much of America. I knew major cities and general stuff about geography, climate, popular destinations, etc. There was a lot missing in between and I was short on details. I wanted to connect all the dots and fill in the blanks, not just today’s America, but also our American history. In the past year and a half we’ve seen and learned so much about this country. We’ve traveled along the Oregon Trail, Lewis and Clark Trail and the Pony Express. We’ve seen gold mining towns, homesteads, president’s homes, ancient Pueblo dwellings and over thirty National Parks and Monuments. These places, plus stops in countless towns, viewing dozens of historical markers and stays at almost a hundred campgrounds across twenty-five states has been a concentrated, massive dose of learning and fun. We’ve accomplished so much and we still have half the states left to visit.

We’re glad we keep taking the time to update this online journal. Sometimes it’s hard to keep it all straight — I’ve woken up and had to think for a minute about which state I was in — frequently we use our blog as a resource to look up where we did or saw things. We’re also glad to have occasional opportunities to meet up with fellow travelers along the way and swap stories. When we’re traveling we’re basically alone and connecting with other travelers, even for a short time, makes any place a bit more comfortable.

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