Strategic Air and Space Museum

The Strategic Air and Space Museum is near Ashland, Nebraska and was an interesting stop while traveling across I-80 heading west.

Immediately when you enter the complex you come nose to nose with an impressive SR-71A Blackbird. They put the aircraft in first, then built the atrium around it and it makes for an awesome entrance.

In the two large aircraft hangers there are many planes to see and explore. The museum has a lot to offer but actually, in comparison, the National Museum of the United States Air Force in Ohio is still on top as far as the must-see-airplane-destination. We visited there last year and were blown away, PLUS it was free compared to this museum’s $12 per person entry fee.

Below, Finn gets up close to a massive 1950s Mark-36 hydrogen bomb.

We spent two hours in the museum and feel it was enough time to see it all.

The PXF-85 Goblin (below) would launch out its carrier aircraft’s belly mid-flight. They weren’t very successful but still very cool looking.

In a space for a rotating exhibit there are some robots and I was mesmerized by one that seemed to love its job of sorting colored beads. I took some video and posted it here. After wrapping up our visit to the museum we got back on I-80 and continued west.

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  1. Steela Castle says:

    Simply wonderful and elegant place to visit. I have been there twice and that was an amazing experience for me. Their aircraft, missiles, Imax are just wonderful. It’s also free, there’s no pressure to see the whole thing in a few hours. You can always go back. This space will blow your mind and this huge museum is mostly about airplanes. On you can find all the information about this museum.

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