Mt. Rainier National Park

Mt. Rainier National Park, established in 1899 as America’s fifth National Park, is in Washington state. We drove into the park two days in a row hoping to get a view of Mt. Rainier but we never managed to actually see the mountain. Even when we drove to the Jackson Visitor Center, where we should be able to just look up and see the glaciers flowing down the mountain and its magnificent peak, it was so shrouded in clouds and fog that we couldn’t even make out the outline.

Disappointed that we never saw the main attraction, we still saw lots of other beautiful sites in the park. Below are shots from our drive up the road overlooking surrounding peaks and ridges. I wasn’t prepared for the deep snow that appeared suddenly and covered the pine trees as we ascended.

Walking in the winter landscape was beautiful.

Down below the snow line we went on a hike into the old growth forest. Exploring the two different environments in the same afternoon was wild.

We stopped in the Longmire Museum and checked out their collection of stuffed wildlife and learned some more about the mountain area. We’ll have to return another time and see more.

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