Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument

After some lousy viewing of Mt. Rainier, things didn’t improve in the next couple days when we headed to Mount St. Helens. Unfortunately, the rainy weather and heavy fog didn’t allow us to see much of the mountain or National Monument area.

We drove up to the visitor center and, as always, watched the movie. They used the limited photography from the event and streamed it together into an animation as the narrator explained the 1980 eruption. The National Monument was established in 1982, two years after the event, and there have been several smaller eruptions in the past 32 years. Mount St. Helens is still very much alive and is watched closely by geologist.

In the visitor center they have an audio story accompanied by this awesome visual light display of the entire eruption as it occurred on May 18th, 1980 (below).

The chilly, rainy weather has reminded us it’s a good time to get off the road. Last year we stopped and started living in San Francisco on November 1st and we’re planning to settle down for some apartment living once again. More on that soon!

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