Colorado National Monument

We’re on a roll now! Yesterday we visited another amazing National Monument. This one is located in the western part of Colorado, near the town of Grand Junction. It has a simple, straightforward name: Colorado National Monument.

We spent the whole day driving and hiking the area and the highlight has to be Monument Canyon (below) where there are striking rock formations jutting up from the canyon floor. Here’s Finn in front of Independence Monument. Stunning!

Below is Red Canyon, it features a canyon within a canyon.

We explored a cave that turned out to be a drainage bypass cut to prevent the road from getting washed out. Even though it turned out to be man-made, we still felt like explorers as we followed it deep into the hillside.

The views from Rim Rock Road are consistently spectacular. It meanders twenty-three miles from one park entrance to the other. There’s one visitor center in the park where we dutifully watched the movie and this one, on the geology of the region, was pretty good.

After visiting fifteen national parks, a dozen national monuments and countless historical sites we’ve seen a lot of stuff and, before this trip, I hadn’t seen any of it. My primary advice to people like me — Go! See more of America, it’s beautiful and so educational.

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