We were last in NYC in November 2011 and, although these past 10 months have been fantastic, we’ve missed the city and our friends. So, we left the RV in a safe place, hopped on a plane and spent last weekend in the city we love. The weather was absolutely perfect and being in the city felt so comfortable; navigating the sidewalks and city is a muscle memory and I instantly fell back into my New Yorker pace and routines.

We stayed in Greenwich Village at a friend’s place and tried to see as many friends as possible in the short stay. Right away I noticed the streets were teeming with NYU students fresh in town, wide-eyed and looking to experience everything at once. Typically this would annoy me but I had nothing to be grouchy about and embraced it as a challenge in my sidewalk navigation skills.

We hit several of our favorite resturants and bars and tried out some new ones. I walked my most-loved neighborhoods looking for new stores and checked in on my favorite shops. It was an absolutely great visit and we’re now feeling revitalized and ready to head back out in the RV later this week.

And now some random iPhone pics from our weekend …


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