“Up North” in Minnesota

“Up north” is a place where people go to escape. For both Minnesotans and Wisconsinites it means cabins, lakes, fishing, pine trees, campfires and finding a relaxing place to unwind. Last week we took the leisurely drive up the North Shore of Lake Superior on scenic Highway 61 and enjoyed the waning days of summer.

There are a lot of cute roadside attractions and great places to eat along the route. Once we made it up to Schroeder, MN we were fortunate that the summer rush was dwindling and we got an awesome RV spot by the rocky beach of Lake Superior and stayed for two nights. The water was cold but that didn’t stop us from getting knee deep and looking through the crystal clear water at the rocks. We hiked up and down the shore, had campfires and visited the nearby Schroeder Area Historical Society.

We also stopped in at Gooseberry Falls State Park to visit the beautiful falls and hike around the area.

Along Highway 61 there is a turnout to stop and view Split Rock Lighthouse. It was built in 1910 and is on the edge of 130-foot cliff.

After two relaxing days on the North Shore, we took the same highway back down and then cut west at Duluth to explore more of Minnesota and meet-up with some family. We thought Duluth was a great looking town. We were able to meet a friend and her family for a visit on Park Point Beach, a fantastic sand dune between Lake Superior and Duluth Harbor. We’d really like to come back and spend more time just exploring Duluth for a few days.

In Bemidji we ran into Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox who were built in 1937 for the town’s Winter Carnival. Logging and lumberjacks are a colorful part of the area’s history and monuments like these are exactly the kind of quirky photo ops we LOVE. Later, in nearby Park Rapids, we came across this large and very peculiar loon … score!

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