The Mall of America

While in the Minneapolis area this week we figured we should see the Mall of America so we pulled into one of their giant parking lots and took a look. The mega-mall was built in 1992 and is still the largest indoor mall in the United States.

The main attraction, and what sets it apart from your normal mall, is the amusement park located in the center atrium of the mall. This Nickelodeon themed park has full-sized rides including several roller-coasters and a log flume. It’s quite impressive and assuredly provides a great time for kids year-round.

We didn’t do much shopping as life in the RV limits the amount of stuff we can take on and the amount of stuff we need, but we did check out the unusual retail outlets like this whole store dedicated to marshmallow Peeps (below).

Overall the Mall of America was worth seeing as a monument to consumerism. Plans are already in motion to double the size of the mall. They will need to include a search and rescue squad because getting lost in a mall that size will be scary.

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  1. Every time I go into the Mall I feel like it’s so self-contained a place that I might as well be on another planet. Hence my nickname for the place, the Mars Colony.

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