Seymour, WI – Home of the Hamburger

One of the roadside attractions we checked out when traveling back from Door County was in Seymour, WI. Seymour is nicknamed the “Home of the Hamburger” and this small, northern town has a lot of hamburger pride.

This statue of “Hamburger Charlie” is tribute to the man who started selling burgers in Seymour in 1885. Pictures of his business signs and a newspaper article provide early evidence of the town’s claim to fame (something a couple other towns claim as well and the controversial origin of the hamburger is still uncertain).

The “Charlie Grill” (pictured below) has a sign next to it that says it was used to cook the “World’s Largest Hamburger” in 2001. The 8,266 pound creation was a ginormous 20′ x 20′ patty. I checked Guinness World Records and this one isn’t recorded, their record holder is a mere 6,040 lbs. I guess the Seymour creation never got certified. Nonetheless, they made a monster-size patty on an impressive grill.

We missed the town’s annual hamburger festival this year but it sounds like something to definitely check out if you are in the area next year. We sure will.

So, what’s next for us in 2012?

To say that this has been a tough summer for us is putting it mildly. The news of Finn’s mom passing away and then my sudden need for surgery on the road were a double blow to us and we’ve been in reaction mode since leaving San Francisco. We are now doing well, all things considered. It’s five days post-surgery for me and I’m starting to feel like myself again.

We’ve had some good adventures in Wisconsin and are thinking of heading north from here but taking it slow. Most of our readers know us personally and we thank you for keeping in touch and letting us know you are following us. We miss everyone all the time and hope to see you soon!!

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2 Responses to Seymour, WI – Home of the Hamburger

  1. Terry says:

    I’m so sorry to hear that Finn’s Mom had passed away. I had tried calling her a few times, but was told that it wasn’t a working number. I then thought to look on your blog since your Mom had given me the link last year. I’ve been friends with her since she lived in NC. I had talked with her not very long before her passing, maybe two weeks or less, and finding this news was quite a shock. She was quite a fighter and she struggled for so long to overcome her cancer. I hope her passing was quick and painless. She has a fond place in my heart and I will surely miss the conversations we had together. I hope you’re doing okay. This is such a hard thing to go through. Sending my best, Terry

  2. Kate says:

    Thank you for your kind note, Terry. Finn’s going to email you.

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