Saying Goodbye in Arkansas

We’ve been in Arkansas for a week clearing out Finn’s mother’s home after she passed away on June 28. It was hard and sad. We now have our RV overloaded with keepsakes and are heading up to Wisconsin where we can store them with my family until we have a home where we can once again be reunited with our belongings. Everything is in storage for us, so it was a tough time to make decisions on what belongings we could take on. With us we have lots of photos, books, poetry, and keepsakes for Finn and his brother to remember their mom.

We left San Francisco a little over two weeks ago but it feels like so much longer. This week has taken a lot out of us and we are trying to snap back into life. We’re still not sure where we are going this summer, right now all we know is we are going north.

We ran into this eight-legged trouble in Arkansas among lots of other critters like lizards, quail and cool looking Texas longhorns.

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2 Responses to Saying Goodbye in Arkansas

  1. J and Jen says:

    We miss you guys every day but you’re right where you belong.

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