Lake Havasu City, AZ

Last night we ventured off I-40 to go see the London Bridge in Lake Havasu City, AZ. It’s the second biggest tourist attraction in Arizona, after that attention hogging Grand Canyon. We learned an oilman bought the bridge from the City of London in 1967 for $2.5 million. He then paid another $7.5 million to have to taken apart, shipped to Arizona and reassembled on dry land. Just to give it something to do, he then had a mile long river installed underneath it, turning a Lake Havasu peninsula into an island.

Below, the ornate fountain in front of the walkway under the bridge.

It’s a very nice bridge and doing a wonderful job as the tourist attraction envisioned in the plan, but it’s rumored the oilman actually thought he was buying the much more magnificent Tower Bridge. Wikipedia mentions this part of the story but later says this potentially embarrassing detail is denied by the oilman. We may never know for sure.

After checking out the town we opted to stay on the man-made island near the beach. It was a nice community in the RV Park (although an expensive campground) and they have a beach where we went swimming which was a much needed break from yesterday’s Arizona heat.

Another highlight of the area are all the wild partridges running around. We saw a whole family by the beach and the mom and dad birds make the wackiest noise to get the three babies to chase behind.

We are making good time as we head east. Thank you for the kind messages on Facebook after our previous post. If you don’t already, please follow us on Facebook to leave comments and let us know you’re out there.

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