Cadillac Ranch – Amarillo, Texas

Visiting Cadillac Ranch was cool. It’s iconic — a symbol for road trips and America — and a constantly changing art installation that you are encouraged to leave your mark on. We saw it on a beautiful, blue-sky day with a steady stream of other visitors pulling off I-40 to walk into the field and get a better look.

Spray paint cans are discarded all around the cars and new layers of graffiti are always being added. The sculpture was created in ’74 by a San Francisco art group and funded by a local billionaire who wanted to create an imaginative piece of public art.

Cadillac Ranch is a place I highly suggest visiting when traveling Route 66. For me, it was enchanting. It’s what we’re traveling to see, like Yellowstone and Rushmore, and a vivid, historic landmark on the Mother Road.

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