Back On The Road!

It’s been eight months since we stopped moving and settled into San Francisco. During our stay there we found work, explored the city and reconnected with old friends. It was great to have several months in a new city. We loved the beauty of San Francisco, the food, and lots of little details we learned about the city and California while living there.

We had a month-to-month lease on our apartment and freelance work so when summer was coming we decided to cut ourselves free and hit the road again. We left SF yesterday and tonight we are hunkered down in Corning, CA and will stay here for a few days.

Corning is the City of Olives. This rural town is home the Bell-Carter Olive Company and  packages more than half of the olives sold in America. Today we stopped in the Olive Pit where they have an olive tasting bar and shelves full of countless flavors like jalapeno stuffed, almond stuffed, and my favorite, spicy blue cheese stuffed olives.

We are taking it slow, easing into full-time RV living and focusing on some unexpected family matters that coincided with our departure. We are looking forward to this summer and hope to be on the move in a few days. Please follow along on our adventure!

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2 Responses to Back On The Road!

  1. monique says:

    Will do! Have fun!

  2. Mark Melchior says:

    Wow, have some fun. I would hit up every water park no mater how lousy in the country. Love water parks.

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