Maker Faire – San Mateo, CA

This past weekend we headed down to San Mateo to attend our first Maker Faire. This event was started about six years ago by Make Magazine and has grown into several annual events all over the U.S.

This celebration of the do-it-yourself spirit is an intersection of science, crafting, engineering and carnival.

Throughout the grounds there were lots of creative vehicles on the move, many you could take out for a ride yourself.

The music show featured lightening bolts shot from giant Tesla coils.

My favorite art was probably the kinetic art exhibit and the glowing land sharks roaming the dark pavilion. It’s also fun to see what’s happening in the steampunk section.

MakerBot creates affordable 3D printers. I’ve always been interested in these and it was cool to see one close-up and some examples of the work.

Cupcake buggies are adorable. We didn’t see any in motion but loved the delicious looking vehicles.

Hula-hoop lessons for all …

These snails were hard at work creating art as they ate through layers of colored paper.

More art …

This giant animatronic face was controlled by attendees using several nearby panels.

Fire is a popular feature of much of the art.

These modern hobby horses had offset hubs that made the bikes trot.

The scale of this insane badger-dragon was impressive.

This guy was not messing around. He was producing some devastating bubble clouds. was there with an awesome array of R2 units.

We had a really great day outside of San Francisco and enjoyed driving around San Mateo. Make Magazine has been in our home since the very first issues and we love supporting anything they’re up to. We recommend you check out the Maker Faire if you get the chance.

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2 Responses to Maker Faire – San Mateo, CA

  1. johny radio says:


    thanks for the great pics! do you happen to remember the name of the rainbow-colored dragon ride?


    • Kate says:

      No, sorry, we didn’t catch the name. It was pretty impressive and we encountered it several times throughout the day as it was driving folks around the grounds.

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