California Coast and Tributaries Boat Tour

Last weekend we took advantage of a Groupon we had purchased months ago (basically a discounted ticket) to take a 90 minute boat tour that left from nearby Fisherman’s Wharf. We headed out on the “Kitty Kat” with about 15 other people, Captain Joe and our marine biologist guide.

Kitty Kat

It was a beautiful, clear day that allowed for great parting views of the city skyline as we sped toward the Golden Gate Bridge.

After we passed under the bridge we looked back and admired the beautiful structure.

There were lots of kite surfers all around us, catching air and doing some impressive acrobatic moves as they took flight off the waves for stretches up to ten seconds at a time.

We arrived at a secluded cove where there were harbor seals lounging about showing just a little curiosity about us, but not enough to move them from their sunbathing.

On the way back, we saw the historic SS JEREMIAH O’BRIEN passing nearby. It is one of two remaining fully functional Liberty ships of the 2,710 built and launched during WWII.

After the boat tour we headed home to devise methods to watch the solar eclipse which started soon after we go off the boat. It was a great little excursion and we can’t get enough of San Francisco’s surrounding beauty. We are continually impressed by how clean everything seems to us (compared to NYC).

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