Planning a Getaway

Today we had amazing weather in the Bay Area and it reminded us that we haven’t been out with the RV in a while. Our last trip to the National Seashore was great but that was two months ago. We are thinking next weekend we should get back on the road for a very short, overnight adventure. I investigated Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, CA to see if we could park overnight in the lot and it’s not allowed.  Nonetheless, we may head up there for the day and find a nearby RV campground for the night. Other thoughts are Lake Tahoe, Muir Woods or Sonoma.

Life in a new city has been good. We regret not having much time to really explore since we are working a lot and that keeps us busy all week. On the weekends we are still tackling the the San Francisco basics but we occasionally discover what we consider local gems and it feels great. Little things like that make the city more of a “home” — just today Finn finally found a great place for a haircut after a couple previous bad outcomes. These things don’t seem hard when you’ve been going to the same places for years, but recreating your life’s contact list from scratch takes some time.

We feel comfortable here yet we know that it would take years to feel the same level of comfort we had in NYC. I still have a hard time with public transportation, we listen to the news and don’t know exactly where the cities mentioned are, likewise with all the city’s neighborhoods. I love to go for epic walks on the weekend which is exactly what I did when I moved to NYC in 1994. Pounding the pavement is the best way to learn a city and I’ve seen some wonderful places in my exploration.

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