Point Reyes National Seashore

We decided to get away for President’s Day weekend and see some of the nearby attractions. We didn’t have to go too far north before we were away from San Francisco and in beautiful countryside.

On the road to Point Reyes

Our first stop in the area was Drakes Bay Oyster Company to see how oysters are farmed and get a few for ourselves. We walked around the property, there’s no official tour so we just looked at the farming area and had to piece together the process.

Discarded oyster shells

There is a little shack where visitors can purchase oysters. The family that came in at the same time as us bought five dozen oysters, that was quite  big a bag! We opted for just six on the half-shell and took them out to nearby tables. They were very good; we don’t go out of our way to get oysters but we do enjoy them on occasion.

Fresh oysters and hot sauce

This was our first visit to a National Seashore during our RV adventure (there are 10 in the country). We went to Drake’s Beach and had lunch at the little burger shack on the beach. Afterwards, we walked by the ocean and watched the birds run back and forth in the surf.

Birds on the beach

From there we took the shuttle bus out to the historic lighthouse. It was established in 1870.

Point Reyes Lighthouse

There are 302 steps down to the lighthouse and then back up.

Inside the lighthouse

This is the original lamp with 24 Fresnel lenses that rotated every two minutes to warn ships away from the rocky point.

View of the beach

Waves crashing on the north face of the peninsula. After visiting the lighthouse, we went out to see the elephant seals lounging on the beach. Another short shuttle bus ride and we were there.

on Elephant Seal Overlook Pass

Elephant seals resting on the beach.

Giant Elephant Seal

Look at that crazy nose and how big he is!


The rocky cliffs of the point have beautiful, multicolored lichens and mosses.

So, it has been more than three months since we’ve spent any real time in the RV and it was a great homecoming. We felt more at home in the RV than in our San Francisco apartment. Our first day of the short trip we headed north to an RV park in Novato, CA and after getting into our spot and hooking up we just enjoyed being “home” and spent the rest of the  day lounging about the RV. We ate dinner and watched TV in the cozy bedroom “cave.” Our RV is not large but we are amazed by how completely it provides for our living needs. It took a bit of thinking to remember the routine of connecting, disconnecting and dumping the waste but it all worked out and was surprisingly comforting.

Hitting the road is a very foreign concept to many but we can’t endorse it more. Do it if you can!

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