One Year Later

Exactly one year ago today I made the first post on this blog. At that time, the idea of traveling around the U.S. in an RV was a wild, dreamy concept that, honestly, I was pretty skeptical about becoming a reality. We owned an apartment, held full-time jobs, and had no experience with driving or owning an RV.

A year later, I look back on what we accomplished and I’m proud and amazed. We saw a huge portion of America and eventually made our way to San Francisco where we started up life again with a new home and jobs. I wasn’t sure what the exit strategy was going to be while we were traveling, but I think this one worked out well.

San Francisco is a really interesting place. Sometimes it feels more like a European city than the United States. I think it’s because of the hills, the architecture, the colors, and the bay. Frequently we find ourselves comparing it to NYC. I keep saying things like; “That would never happen in New York.” I’m getting better and stopping myself from thinking like that because (duh!) it’s not New York!

We’re having a good time here and love that it’s a place where many friends travel through on business or vacation. We are going to be taking more RV adventures this year so please check in on us here occasionally. Or visit!


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