New Start in California

Last month we made the sudden decision to stop our RV adventure and start living in San Francisco. We found an apartment in a matter of days and signed a 6-month lease. The option to have a 6-month lease was a big selling point on the place. We rationalized that if we were making a terrible choice, at least we weren’t bound to it for too long.

With an established address in the city, we set out to get all our belongings out of a storage facility in Brooklyn and bring what we needed the 3,000 miles to California.

The project took three weeks of our time and we finally arrived back here last week. We got to spend a week visiting friends in NYC before we emptied our storage space and drove everything to Wisconsin in a U-haul (yet another 1,000 miles of driving added on to this year). There we spent time visiting friends and family and tucked a lot of our stuff into a parent’s basement. The rest of our stuff went to movers who will bring it the remaining 2,000 miles to us. Then we flew back to San Francisco.

We still don’t have our stuff yet, but we expect it before Christmas.

What is ridiculous is that I briefly had access to all my belongings and for some reason I didn’t grab another sweater. It’s currently 52° in San Francisco, and I’m cold in our apartment. All our apartments in NYC had the kind of surface-of-the-sun radiator heat that kept us in t-shirts with the windows open all winter long. Here, however, the buildings are not built for tough winters – or any real winter – and our heating system only delivers meek puffs of warm air. We’ve acquired three space heaters already just so I don’t have to wear a sweater, scarf, and two pairs of socks all the time at home.

So we’re a month and a half into our lease and we are still living with just the camping gear we had in the RV. I’m getting tired of using a lantern at night because this apartment has no overhead lighting, sleeping on the inflatable mattress, and making coffee one cup at a time by heating water on the stove. Apartment camping is losing the novelty but we do have the city to explore.

When we started planning this epic trip a year ago I had no idea where this adventure would lead us. Now, it’s the year end and 2011 has been the most memorable and adventurous year of my life. My new year’s resolution is to keep exploration in our lives and we’re both looking forward to taking more road trips in 2012.

Keeping warm in San Francisco

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    Enjoyed the post! Brian Saunders Sister, Cindy

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