Loved L.A.

We’re sorry for the long time without an update. Once again, we were having too much fun to find the time. For the past few days we were visiting friends in Los Angeles. It was great to see them and spend time relaxing at their oasis of a home. We had lots of great food like sushi at TeruSushi, pizza from Barone’s, fish tacos from Sharky’s, Rocket Shakes at Swinger’s and super-delicious homemade baked treats. Finn found a Packer bar in Santa Monica and watched the game, meanwhile I went shopping. Needless to say, we were both pretty happy.

A cool happenstance was to find out a friend of ours from NYC was also in LA when we were there. We coordinated a meet-up and did a little wandering around downtown on Saturday afternoon. Finn’s brother, who also lives in LA, joined us and we went to see some of his cigar box guitars currently on display in the Grammy Museum. Very cool.

Thank you Julie and Kevin for a really great visit, we hope to see everyone again soon!

Learning a new subway system

The Bradbury Building, used for Sebastian's home in Blade Runner

Fish tacos from Sharky's

Riding Angel's Flight, the shortest railway in the world

"The A and B Brothers"

"The Edwards 2 for 5"

@Grammy Museum

Finn and his brother, Mark

"The Little Odin"

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3 Responses to Loved L.A.

  1. Jackie says:

    are you headed to SF next? Let me know! Would love to see you and have you stay with us!

    • Kate says:

      We are in Kings Canyon/Sequoia now. We will get to San Francisco, but not sure when yet. We will definitely contact you. If you have a level place to park a 25′ RV, we just might take you up on that offer. In Austin and LA we parked on the street in front of our friend’s houses in residential neighborhoods. Not sure about San Fran streets. We may just find a RV park near/in the city.

  2. Mmmmm. . .. fish tacos!

    Those guitars are awesome. About as raw as music gets.

    it’s funny. I’m watching and listening to a documentary about Motown, and can’t help tapping my feet. And those guitars look like they’d fit right in.

    Make sure you get to Mt. Ansel Adams, if you can. Awesome views.

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