Ancient Pueblo Dwellings

Within the Four Corners area of the U.S. (northern Arizona, southern Utah, northwest New Mexico, and southern Colorado) there are several National Monuments protecting artifacts and ruins of the ancient Pueblo People.

Wupatki National Monument near Flagstaff, AZ protects ancient dwellings of the the Sinagua, Cohonina, and Kayenta Anasaz people. A large community farmed here during the 1100s. The picture below is the Box Canyon ruins, this structure is typical of many pueblos found in the region. The 800 year old walls show how early inhabitants constructed their homes.

Walnut Canyon National Monument is also near Flagstaff, AR and preserves cliff dwellings of people who lived in the canyon more than 700 years ago. The Sinagua lived in this canyon and left behind over 80 home dwellings. We viewed them from the rim, scattered all over the cliffs. There are also trails to take to you down into the canyon and closer to the dwellings.

The builders took advantage of the natural recesses in the limestone walls. With a few additions the homes were complete and dry.

We enjoyed visiting both of these locations and will have to return sometime to visit Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado, where you can see some of the best examples of Ancient Puebloan People cliff dwellings.

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