Roswell, New Mexico

The same thing I said about Wall Drug in South Dakota applies to Roswell, NM, you’d have to be a total curmudgeon not to stop and take a look. Its been the epicenter of UFO hysteria since 1947.

When we drove into town and were first struck by how big Roswell is as a town. It’s not all tourist attractions, but rather a large, serious town that I now suspect is trying to put the whole alien thing behind them. Nonetheless, aliens and spaceships pop-up everywhere and national chains embrace it and perpetuate the theme. There’s a giant green alien in front of KFC, Arby’s welcomes aliens, McDonald’s has a spaceship fun park, Walmart has an alien in its sign. Roswell is going to have a hard time shaking the extra-terrestrial motif. On the other hand, the tourist traffic is probably appreciated.

Cute alien street lights line Main Street

Aliens are everywhere in town



Down on Main Street there was a place we could take cheesy photos and we took full advantage.

Dr. Finn fails to find a heartbeat

Kate is comfortable with gravitational irregularites

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