Kansas City BBQ

I learned this week that Anthony Bourdain wrote an article in 2009 where he lists the 13 places to eat before you die. On the list, only eight of the thirteen restaurants are in the U.S. — four are in NYC and the other four are scattered around the states. Number thirteen on his list is Oklahoma Joe’s Barbeque in Kansas City, KS.

I had already heard about Oklahoma Joe’s Barbeque from other media coverage long before arriving in Kansas City. It was the first place we went when we hit the town yesterday. The restaurant is the most unassuming place, attached to a gas station with little signage and nothing boasting all the awards they’ve won nationally for their meat and sauce.

Anthony Bourdain and I don’t see eye-to-eye on his NYC picks but I have to agree that the BBQ at Oklahoma Joe’s was amazing. I don’t feel qualified to say if it’s really the best in the USA, since my BBQ experience is somewhat limited. However, I can tell you that the ribs where like nothing I’ve ever had. The flavor of the meat and the texture was unbelievable. Just as good was the brisket and the sausage. You can go with the straight meat meal and order by the pound, or order one of their specialty sandwiches. We tried the spicy slaw side and the baked beans — both very good.

More on Kansas City soon…

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