“Hey, Let’s Check That Out”: Roadside Attractions

Each day we travel we usually have a general direction we want to go. Beyond that we really don’t have much of a plan. Finding a place to stay at night is something we can do quickly, so we don’t give it too much thought until the day wears on and we get hungry for dinner. As we travel, most of what we end up doing is just stuff that comes to us along the road. We either follow roadside signs or use our iPhone apps to find nearby landmarks, monuments, and attractions that might be interesting. Here are a few recent stops for us…

Route 66 travels briefly through Kansas and in the town of Galena there is a lunch counter and souvenir shop called Four Women on the Route. Parked in front of the restored gas station is the actual truck that inspired the character “Tow Mater” in the Pixar movie Cars. Apparently the Pixar folks drove Route 66 to get ideas for the movie and used this old 1951 tow truck as inspiration for their character. The ladies added cartoon eyes so it’s unmistakable when you drive by that this is Tow Mater.

We stopped here for the photo op and stayed for a good meal at the lunch counter.

Inside their little shop they sell Route 66 memorabilia, hand crafted items, and Cars merch for travelers to buy. The rest of the town on Route 66 is worn down and frozen in time. It’s worth a stop for anyone traveling the route.

Down in Afton, Oklahoma we came across the Darryl Starbird National Rod & Custom Car Hall of Fame Museum. I did not know who Starbird was, but learned a lot about his work in this large car museum that is on his property and near his personal home. Outside the museum he has some random projects laying around like this NYC taxi motorcycle which we suspect was made for a movie.

Inside he has three large rooms of custom cars on display. Starbird has been building custom cars since the ’60s and is best know for his futuristic bubble top car designs.

He displays many of his own cars plus lots on loan from other designers to make up the “hall of fame” collection.

Finn’s favorite car …

I think my favorite roadside find so far is this house in Fairland, Oklahoma. It was a true find in the sense that nothing alerted us to it, we just happened to drive by and see this place. It’s outsider/folk art, its crazy, and I suspect it’s locally hated. I love work like this by passionate individuals.

He’s also covered his van with messages and art.

These are just some of the many things we’ve filled our days seeing and doing. Right now we are in Arkansas and heading south.

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  1. Dorothy says:

    Oh wow … these are some pretty neat roadside attractions!!!

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