George Washington Carver National Monument

Yesterday we headed south to the George Washington Carver National Monument in Diamond Missouri mostly because it’s on the list. If you asked me what I knew about Mr. Carver before we visited here I would probably reply with something vague about peanuts and then quickly throw the question back to you.

At the National Monument we learned all about Mr. Carver’s life and his remarkable genius. The man was making discoveries left and right (and so much more than the 100+ products he developed made from peanuts) and continued to live a humble life.

In the museum there is a working science lab where they bring kids to participate in learning sessions about Carver’s work. This is the first monument we’ve seen with this type of classroom learning facility and I think it’s a great addition.

As you walk into the monument building you see this warning sign (below), which is cute. Overall it was an educational stop for us, but it’s not on the “must see” list of our recommendations.

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