We spent Thursday night at a very nice RV park in Fredericksburg, TX and woke up today refreshed and ready to be dudes at a ranch about a half hour away. The day started out overcast with some light rain which, Texas needs badly. This weather turned out to be perfect for us because it kept the temperature in the mid 70s. We got to the Silver Spurs Dude Ranch near noon and we were the only dudes there. After filling out the releases we were pointed to the corral where our cowboy guide introduced us to our horses Willy and Winchester.

These were seasoned horses that knew the routine and were very easy going. Our ride took us out onto the trails of the large ranch, through the oak and cedar woods for an hour before retuning to the corral. I hadn’t ridden a horse in about thirty years but it was pretty simple and very serene in the quiet woods. I rode behind our guide with Kate following me and, while my horse liked to stick close to the guide, Kate’s horse liked to lag behind so that it could trot back up to the pack now and then. Our guide’s horse was named Cassidy but they all called him “Gassidy” because he farted… a lot. Kate was lucky to be further back than me. My horse Winchester didn’t seem to mind one bit.

When our ride was done we went back into the town of Bandera to have lunch and shop in the eclectic stores on the main drag. Both of us were a bit stiff from the ride so Kate crashed in the back of the RV while I drove us westward toward Carlsbad Caverns, our next target destination. We’re now parked at a barebones RV park in west Texas. We’ll continue on tomorrow morning.

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  1. Kate says:

    Dang, I think we missed our chance to find Curly’s gold.

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