Caverns of Sonora

The Caverns of Sonora is on the Excel-file list of thing of interest that I cultivated for months before we left NYC. Everything is sortable by state and categorized by type of destination, such as park, attraction, food, famous home, etc. I added the Caverns after reading about it on a Rand McNally blog. It’s a good thing I checked the list today for things to do in Texas because Caverns of Sonora was directly ahead of us on our route to Carlsbad Caverns.

We pulled off I-10 to tour the cave. Down inside we weren’t treated to the cave-dwelling chill we experienced in Wind Cave National Park. This cave is around 80° and we got a little heated hiking the trail.

The cave has lots of  flowstone, this particular type is often called Cave Bacon.

It also has an abundance of helictite, a type of speleothem which grows in any direction.

Throughout our two-hour tour we saw countless variations of crystal formations, cave openings, and mineral deposits. We were absolutely fascinated and took a ton of photos to try and capture the artistry of this unfamiliar world. I won’t even try to describe the beauty; I’ll just let the pictures do the talking.

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