Bryce Canyon National Park

After seeing Arches NP we turned the RV south to Bryce Canyon National Park. We found a nice campground close to the canyon and got ready for hiking the following day. We got up early to see the amphitheater in Bryce Canyon lit by the shallow rays of the morning sun. This play of light and shadow makes the hoodoos really stand out.

The hoodoos are stone formations eroded from the unusual rock found chiefly in this area.

We drove to the head of Navajo Trail and began our longest hike of the day. This took us down a long, steep set of switchbacks to the canyon bottom where we walked between the towering hoodoos. This is a shot of Kate near the bottom.

We split off the Navajo Loop where it met the Queen’s Garden Loop and hiked that trail back to the canyon rim. This is a beautiful hike that travels every environment the canyon has to offer from lush pine forest near the riverbed to harsh desert cliffs. We stopped at one point where the stacked stone trail markers had become a collective art piece. In an area about the size of a baseball diamond, every horizontal surface supported a stack of stones. Kate and I both added ours on a tree and moved on.

The end of the hike was hot and strenuous as we climbed another set of switchbacks through the gorgeous stone formations up to the canyon rim.

From there it was a short walk back to the RV where we cooled off and then drove to the rest of the popular canyon overlooks. We took one last short hike on the Bristlecone Pine Loop that offered beautiful views from the parks highest elevation. When that was done we were pretty worn out so we headed back to our campground and crashed early. Bryce Canyon is beautiful, rugged an well worth the trip if you’re in this canyon-tastic area.

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