Awesome Austin

You may have wondered what happened to us for the past few days. Our Facebook followers last heard from us as we entered Texas, after that, radio silence. The good news is that we were having too much fun in Austin to post, the bad news is that we did so much I don’t think I can capture it all.

I’ll try to summarize why we loved our stay in Austin so much. For starters, seeing friends! Thanks Michelle, Christophe, Cheryl and Buzz for making our visit awesome! More Austin highlights … Round Rock Donuts, Yard Dog, Guero’s Taco Bar, C. Hunts Ice House, Shiner Bock beer, barbecue with friends, getting a non-RV shower, Tamale House No. 3, swimming at Barton Springs, drawing robots, Mello Johnny’s Bike Shop, Greg the Bunny film parodies, Franklin Barbecue (Tipsy Texan sandwich!), French Legation Museum, Fonda San Miguel, great coffee, Top Notch Hamburgers, haircut at Pete’s Flat Top Shop, The Fuccons, Ziegen Bock, and homemade baked ziti!

We went for one 2 lb. donut and shared with friends

Beautiful and massive cactus with blooms

The Tipsy Texan sandwich at Franklin Barbecue - amazing!

French Legation Museum, home built in 1841 for the French representative to the Republic of Texas

Time for haircuts at this old school Austin traditional barbershop

Fonda San Miguel, one of the finest interior Mexican restaurants in the country.

Finn enjoying a satisfying egg and chorizo breakfast taco and a Big Red soda

Tamale House No. 3, cheap and delicious

An Austin original, going on 40+ years

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