Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Entering North Dakota from the west on I-94 soon brings you to the town of Medora and Theodore Roosevelt National Park. We’ve decided to try and take every opportunity to see National Parks and National Monuments (see our list), plus we’re always on the lookout for locations on the National Registry of Historic Places and other interesting landmarks or roadside attractions.

We arrived at the southern visitor’s center and took the tour of Roosevelt’s Maltese Cross Cabin. Roosevelt used the cabin before he was president and it was moved to this location for preservation. The cabin has the Maltese cross brand in a log, which was the ranch Roosevelt first bought when he fell in love with the area. The cabin is now a national landmark and is furnished with many of Roosevelt’s personal belongings.

Theodore Roosevelt

We entered the park and drove the 37-mile scenic loop. The land is beautiful and has layers of color and interesting geologic formations. A highlight was encountering feral horses, which we hadn’t seen yet.

After looking at the park we camped inside at the Cottonwood Campground. This was dry camping, but the area was nice and we had a water pump at our site. At $10/night we were happy with the price.

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6 Responses to Theodore Roosevelt National Park

  1. Rob S says:

    You are coming back east?!

  2. Kate says:

    Going to WI for RV repairs.

  3. Kate says:

    … and check out the awesome walking stick in the last pic that Finn made for me, cleaning it up with his mini saw.

  4. jim says:

    This is great! Love the walking stick. It exudes the wisdom of your earthly travels, yet hints at the realms beyond.

  5. jim says:

    But what happened to the rv? Feral horse attack?

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