The Enchanted Highway

We are back in Wisconsin because the parts needed for our RV repair finally came in and we’re getting the fixes done now so we can put this behind us and move on. While the RV is in the shop, we have been enjoying lots of time with family and friends.

One cool thing we didn’t get around to mentioning yet was driving the Enchanted Highway in North Dakota. This 30 mile strip of highway is embellished with gigantic metal sculptures by an artist who saw his hometown was dying. The breadcrumb trail of sculpture lures travelers off of I-94 and ultimately delivers them to Regent, ND. Regent could really use some more stuff along the lines of a payoff for the hour+ detour. Nevertheless, we liked the drive out to Regent and after taking a look and buying a postcard, we turned around and went back to I-94.

Included the RV to show the scale of these sculptures!

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3 Responses to The Enchanted Highway

  1. Ari says:

    Great Pics!!!!

  2. Lou says:

    Just because you’re in Wisconsin doesn’t mean we want to stop knowing what you’re doing. Take some pictures out at the bars and what not. Show us Paul Ryan’s house with you throwing eggs at it.

  3. Kate says:

    Time freezes in Wisconsin. We leave today and will get back in our groove. Glad you’re following the blog — we miss you!

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