Pompeys Pillar National Monument

After a great night in Bozeman, MT we headed east. Finn saw signs for Pompeys Pillar National Monument and took us just off I-94 to check it out. They have a nice visitor center near the rock formation. Inside we met a fellow dressed as William Clark and carrying a working musket (he fired it outside a couple times and scared the bejesus out of me). I assumed he worked there and was not just a fanatical Clark groupie. Kids were given sheets of questions to ask and Clark answered with sincere commitment to the part worthy of a daytime Emmy.

The highlight of the pillar is where Clark carved his name into the rock. This is the only mark left from the Lewis and Clark expedition. His signature is protected behind bulletproof glass. The rock hosts signatures from many others ranging from Clark’s time to a few decades ago when they put the kibosh on signing the rock.

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2 Responses to Pompeys Pillar National Monument

  1. Jen Harper says:

    bejesus…kibosh…what language are you speaking out there? No wonder people are looking at you with fear. Be cool…

  2. Kate says:

    I don’t think anyone is looking at us with fear, it’s mostly puzzlement. “What are these ‘kids’ doing out here in an RV?” is probably what they’re thinking.

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