Spending Breakdown

Anyone who has worked with me knows I’m not happy unless I have something to track and analyze. So you’d be right in thinking I’m documenting our spending and turning the data into pretty pie charts. These past two weeks provided good sample data to start to see where the money goes when traveling.

"Lodging" are fees for staying at RV parks and campgrounds. "Destinations" are fees to get into parks, monuments, and museums. "Activities" are things like mini golf and movies.

Our biggest expense is fuel. We’ve been spending between $3.71-$3.98 per gallon for diesel. That portion of spending is not going to change until we stop moving for a length of time, like we will at Yellowstone. However, we’ll also see Lodging go up since the campground in Yellowstone is more expensive ($37/night). I think the food/supplies category will go down in the next few weeks since we bought a lot of stuff up front that will last a long time. These are things like charcoal, shampoo, ziplock bags, etc.

We’re over budget from my rough, pre-travel estimates, but it is the first two weeks and we have learned so much about what things cost, how to get deals, and what to buy.

Also, this chart is just our day-to-day spending and doesn’t include reoccurring monthly expenses such as cell phones, insurance, RV loan, etc.

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  1. Liza Scheer says:

    Just stumbled upon your website… we’re heading out next month for our adventure. I was wondering if you two ever considered joining a membership type club for lodging such as Thousand Trails. We are seriously considering it for our exploration of the Pacific Northwest and California.

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