Small Town Adventures

I like small town traditions and as we were passing through Arco, ID we saw this mountain side covered in numbers. We learned that ever since 1920, the graduating class of the local high school climbs up there and paints the cliffs with their graduating year. Below is just a portion of the cliffs.

In nearby Blackfoot, ID we visited the Potato Museum. The exhibits explained why Idaho is great for growing potatoes (climate, soil and irrigation), where the specific kind of potato they grow came from (the Russet Burbank potato was developed by Luther Burbank), and displayed other potato related stuff like someone’s Mr. Potato Head collection donated to the museum. “We give taters to out-of-staters” is their catchy slogan and we got two little boxes of hash browns in a potato sack with admission.

Just north of Blackfoot in Rexburg we came across Yellowstone Bear World where you drive through a wildlife preserve to see deer, bison, turkeys, elk, moose, and lots of bears.

White Elk, one in 6 million

The black bears are just roaming around the grounds, but the two grizzly bears are behind an electric fence. They have ponds and shaded areas on the land and the animals seemed relaxed.

None of these are things we’d put on the recommendation list of things to do. they’re just snippets of America we came across in our travels. These types of unexpected activities and sights fill many of our days and make each day an adventure.

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2 Responses to Small Town Adventures

  1. Dorothy says:

    The white Elk – what an amazing sight!

    I think it’s so neat your are discovering rather nice array of unexpected “adventures”…. I always thought that these are the moment that make road trips the best way to see the world… Thanks for sharing!

  2. Stephanie Steigerwaldt says:

    And lucky for you guys you can cook those hash browns up in yer RV!

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