Progressing West

Traveling I-90 west through South Dakota is an exercise in monotony. The road is arrow straight and flat for hundreds of miles. However, today we crossed over the Missouri River and were instantly struck by the beauty of the land. We are seeing so many amazing things, we can’t keep the camera close enough. It’s just going to continue from here on out because so much of South Dakota’s beauty is crammed into the southwest corner of the state.

In Philip, SD we visited Prairie Homestead, an original 1909 sod home perfectly preserved. This historical site does more to show the life of South Dakota homesteaders than a museum ever could. You walk on the property and see everything in the home as if you were visiting family; nothing is roped off and there’s nothing inserted in the space that disrupts the reality. It could almost be 1909. Before leaving the nearby visitor’s center and heading to the homestead you can even put on old-timey clothes to fully transport yourself. It’s smart how they chose not to make it a more typical museum and I’m really glad we made the stop.

Finally, you’d have to be a total curmudgeon not to stop at Wall Drug when traveling I-90. After the endless stream of charming signs starting about 350 miles back, it’s enticing and worth a look. We not only stopped in Wall, South Dakota we are spending the night at Sleepy Hollow RV park just two blocks from Wall Drug.


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  1. May Hall says:

    Ride ’em Jackalope Girl!

  2. Craig & Patty says:

    Hope you stopped in the Badlands!

  3. Kate says:

    See the next post!

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