Mitchell, South Dakota

There may be something sweet about our east coast blood, because the mosquitoes are loving us!

Today we walked around Michell, South Dakota. Their biggest tourist attraction is definitely the Corn Palace. The exterior murals are replaced yearly with a new theme. This year is “America Pride” and I’m thinking we did better than a visit later this year when it will be replaced with “Youth Activities.” Although it would be cool to see the corn murals of teens playing video games, posting on Facebook, and hanging out at malls. … No? Finn is telling me that’s probably not what the murals will depict. Okay, let’s see what they come up with.

Anyway, we had a good day in South Dakota! We are still fascinated by shopping. We walk the isles of giant grocery stores looking at items and discussing them like they came from Mars or we did. “Did you know they made this!?”, “Look at the size of this!” We sound like we’ve been under a rock for a decade.

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