Land of Milk/Honey

It’s getting difficult to document all the amazing things we are seeing. Our friend Patrick at the Kettle told us before we left NYC that we were going to see so many amazing and beautiful things. He was so right.

Every drive is so picturesque. Yesterday we crossed the Powder River Pass, which took us to an elevation of 9,666 feet. We stopped to play in the snow and take in the view.

Pictures can’t do it justice; I’m realizing now that nothing is like seeing these places in person. I wish we’d done this road trip even sooner but so glad we are doing it now.


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3 Responses to Land of Milk/Honey

  1. Miranda says:

    Amazing pictures….but when do we get to see some snaps of the RV’s interior!

  2. Alex says:

    Private whiskey tour. Now it’s turning into my kind of tour.
    I think we would all like to see more RV shots maybe with the James May style we are drunk or hungover cam plus maybe hear about the crazy food you have been having and how awesome the walmart RV areas are!

  3. Dorothy says:

    These are some breathtaking sights and your pictures are just perfect. I am in awe of the gorgeous mountains – simply amazing.

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