Inside the Bunker

We’ve had several requests to see how we live in our RV. So, here’s an inside tour of our home on the road. First off, she’s 25.5′ long. Inside, we can swivel around our cockpit chairs, close the front curtains, and relax in our little living room. There are two holes in the floor where a movable table fits in front of the couch or the chairs. It’s great at dinner time if the weather is bad and we want to eat inside.

We have a TV in this area and also one in the bedroom. Cable is often a freebie hook-up at RV parks. We just travel with our own coaxial cable. If there is no cable, we have a roof antenna we can crank up and scan for all local channels. We’ve had good luck getting TV reception except one night when all we could get was a 24 hour preacher network. We also have a DVD player and have recently been watching the Ken Burns/PBS World War II documentary.

Our kitchen consists of a sink (the cover flips up), a two propane burner stove (cover also flips up), convection microwave, and a fridge.

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In the back of the coach is the bedroom. It’s a king size bed and the second TV is around the corner to the left. There is a heavy curtain divider that can be hung-up in front of the bedroom to allow one person to be up and active while the other is sleeping. Outside, under the bed area, is a giant storage space where we keep bikes, the grill, chairs, and other supplies.

The bathroom has all the things you’d expect.

The shower is small but we’ve adjusted. Many RV campgrounds also have showers so, if they look clean, we sometimes opt for a larger stall and use those. The sunlight dome above the shower adds extra headroom and a pop-up vent gives ventilation through a fan.

There is nothing we think we need that we don’t have. We look at the giant RVs and can’t imagine driving something so big. But this is our “starter”, so never say never. We like that we fit almost everywhere and we love our gas mileage (15-16 mpg). She’s a great, easy home that lets us focus on seeing America and spend little time setting-up/breaking-down camping equipment. We can park and sleep in no time if needed.

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5 Responses to Inside the Bunker

  1. Chris says:

    Thanks for posting the pics, they’re great!

  2. Dorothy says:

    Hello again! Thank you so much for letting us into your “home”. I have to say that I’m impressed. The space looks compact but not cramped and as you said, it has everything you need. I especially like the kitchen – it’s simply adorable. I think you did good with this “roadster”. I’m looking forward to your next adventure. Safe travels!!!

  3. zan says:

    This is nicer than most New York apartments! We’re all jealous of your wandering adventures here at RH. (Zan/Suzanne)

  4. Kate says:

    Hi Suzanne, glad you are following along! Hope all is going well on the LL dev. I’m going to watch for the launch.

  5. J says:

    that really is better than most city apartments! You guys are living the dream.

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