This morning I unfolded my bike and headed into the backcountry to explore a trailhead nearby. I rode about two miles out a dirt road to the trail and was impressed how well the bike handled it. When I got there I read the extensive warnings about snakes and other wildlife that wanted me dead. This made me cautious about heading into the hills in my sneakers and shorts with exposed legs marinated in delicious sun block. I locked the bike to a fencepost and headed trepidaciously toward the trailhead. In my head all I could hear is the sound the cougars in Red Dead Redemption make right before they kill you. When I made it to the pine forest’s edge and the sign that marked the trail I’d had enough. There’s no way I was pushing on alone so I doubled back and hopped back on the bike. The ride back was downhill and the breeze was great. When I got back to the RV and Kate I shook up some cosmopolitans and enjoyed the out of doors in a manner we’re more accustomed to. I was pleased to find a geocache right here at our campground and scored my Wyoming badge. Tomorrow we’ll take some more baby steps into the wild at Devils Tower.


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