Devils Tower National Monument

On Sunday we got up early and headed to Devils Tower National Monument. The drive wasn’t too scenic with a few hills and typical rocks. Suddenly, you see this massive uprising in the distance. It really is an amazing sight; as we got closer and closer we were in awe. All Close Encounters jokes aside, we were drawn to it and wanted to climb up close to it.

There are several Native American legends that tell the tale of the formation of the rock. The one featured in the visitor’s center tells of bears chasing 7 girls onto a rock plateau. The formation started rising as an answer to the girls praying to the rock to be saved. It continued to rise until those girls eventually became a constellation in the sky (The Pleiades). The bear’s claws are seen in the rock as it tried to reach the girls.

The rock is sacred to the Native Americans and there are many prayer bundles hung in trees around the base of the tower.

While hiking around the base of the tower and climbing on the boulder field, we watched several mountain climbers making their way up the sides. We learned from a ranger that 5000 climbers complete the paperwork each year to climb on the tower.

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4 Responses to Devils Tower National Monument

  1. Chris says:

    Wow looks spectacular!

  2. Dorothy says:

    Wow indeed.

  3. One of my favorite places on the planet. I stop there every time I am passing through. The water that comes out of their spring-fed water stations by the ranger station at the foot of the Tower is some of the best-tasting water I’ve ever had.

    Glad you saw it.

    I have stood at the foot of the Tower on a day with fast-moving clouds and watched the light change on the rocks while the turkey vultures soar on the thermals. Absolutely beautiful.

  4. Kate says:

    The water there was great! We were so glad for that pump when we needed refills on our bottles. It’s a great hike around the base.

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