Deadwood, Sturgis, Sundance

We checked out several towns yesterday starting with Deadwood, SD. This city is named for the dead trees around it which, unfortunately, has resulted in a town which was highly combustible. The entire town has burned several times. Nonetheless, Deadwood was designated a National Historic Landmark in ’61. In an effort to revitalize the sagging economy, gambling was legalized in Deadwood in the late ’80s. This means Main Street is dominated by small casinos.

We also visited Sturgis for a quick look but didn’t stay long before heading west to Wyoming.

Just over the Wyoming boarder, the Vore Buffalo Jump is a sinkhole that was used by Native Americans as a trap for bison. The herds would be stampeded toward the pit where they would fall off the edge and be killed or disabled. This was done many times and resulted in a mass of bones at the bottom of the pit. The University of Wyoming has been excavating the pit for over 20 years.

These are archeology students excavating the bottom of the pit.

We then went to the nearby Wyoming Welcome Center and, I have to say, it’s the nicest Welcome Center I’ve ever seen.

Finn at the Welcome Center of Wyoming

Last night as we were getting ready to sleep, a light rain shower started to grow in intensity to the point of strong wind, heavy rain and hail. It got frightening as the RV rocked in the wind and the hailstones pounded the roof. This lasted for an hour or so before we could get to sleep.

Today we’re in Sundance, Wyoming taking a day off from driving to relax and enjoy the area.

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