Crazy Horse and Caves

Today we went to the nearby Crazy Horse Memorial where the mountain is a sculptural work in progress. The size is impressive but progress has been slow for the last couple decades. it was begun in 1948 and looks to be about 30% done. However, keep in mind the scale. The ENTIRE Mt. Rushmore carvings would fit in Crazy Horse’s head. It’s massive. That is cool, but I hate to say the museum is not a “must see” place. It’s in need of a good curator and museum experience designers.


Around lunchtime we drove out to Jewel Cave National Monument. We arrived and the park ranger told us that there are no tours today due to a lightening strike last night taking out their elevators. Not sure when they’ll be fixed, but it will be a few days. So we did what every other tourist was thinking and went over to Wind Cave National Park. Our GPS first took us to the park area rather than the cave but it was a nice detour because we got to see some really lovely countryside and also this “Slow, klein bottle fourth dimensional road ahead” sign (that’s a Finn joke). It was actually for a pigtail bridge, only found in the Black Hills.

After we found the actual cave entrance, we took a 1 1/2 hour tour of cave  and got to see a lot of what the cave is famous for: boxwork. This is an unusual cave formation that resembles honeycombs. I’ve gotta say, Seneca Caves has some real gall calling themselves the “Caviest Cave in the USA”, because Wind Cave kicks its ass.

Boxwork on the ceiling of Wind Cave

We spent some time exploring the rest of the National Park and were really amazed at how beautiful it was. We saw bison, antelope, and other wildlife.


After driving back to our campsite, Finn hopped on a bike and made the short ride to the local mini golf course for a round then picked up some pie a la mode from a local desert shop.

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2 Responses to Crazy Horse and Caves

  1. Buzz says:

    But was it huckleberry pie? The King of pies?

  2. Kate says:

    that’s crazy talk.

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