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More Yellowstone!

The woman who took our photo was with her husband and son on vacation from England. Her son had a cup of water he kept refilling and pouring out on either side of the sign to see if what his … Continue reading

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One week in Yellowstone

The day before our Yellowstone reservation was to begin we took one more day in the Tetons enjoying the area. We took a walk along a lake that turned into a four mile hike right up against the beautiful mountains. … Continue reading

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The Wildlife of Yellowstone

We’ve emerged from our six-night stay in Yellowstone National Park and I feel neglectful for not visiting sooner. We learned so much about the land, the history of the park, the issues it faces, and the wildlife. Everyday as we … Continue reading

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Yellowstone: No Phone Reception, No Internet

Inside Yellowstone is a dead zone (we drove out to Cody, Wyoming today for a day trip, but we’ll be in Yellowstone for the coming week). Back online in a week with lots of pictures!

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Grand Teton National Park

We spent last night just outside of Jackson, WY in a camp spot with a fire pit. This is the first fire pit we’ve had west of the Mississippi. It made our evening great and we took full advantage, roasting … Continue reading

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Self-Registration Camping

We have stayed at a wide range of campsites in our first month on the road ranging from very well appointed family style campground complexes to boondocking (also called dry-camping) in a Walmart parking lot. The price per night has … Continue reading

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Small Town Adventures

I like small town traditions and as we were passing through Arco, ID we saw this mountain side covered in numbers. We learned that ever since 1920, the graduating class of the local high school climbs up there and paints … Continue reading

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We woke up Sunday morning in Utah with very little to do except head north to Idaho so we got out the atlas and checked what was up there. The closest thing we were interested in was Craters of the … Continue reading

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