This is either going to be amazing or extremely amazing

Today we successfully closed on the apartment sale. Our lawyer’s office is in the beautiful Woolworth building; tourist aren’t allowed and you can’t enter unless you have business there. With such a rare opportunity, I decided to snap a shot of the amazingly ornate lobby but was stopped by security before I could finish. Why are they so restrictive?

MacDougal Street

MacDougal Street

Anyway, another NYC landmark checked off the list. Finn and I are now “homeless” until we get the RV. We are thankful a friend is letting us stay in her place on MacDougal Street where we are fully surrounded by NYU student nightlife. It’s great to be saturated in Greenwich Village and staying on this historic street as we wrap up our last 24 hours.

I’m a little rattled to think that we will now be traveling from this point forward. I’m as ready as I think I’m able to get and know it’s going to be amazing. “Onward!” is my new motto and I’m trying not to get too sentimental about leaving friends and family in the area. We will be back! … and with lots and lots of stories to tell.

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  1. Jackie says:

    so exciting, Kate! can’t wait for your first road story 🙂

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